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It's not often you have such a special and energizing weekend. My mom and Kristian's mom had arranged a beautiful engagement party for us in Jyväskylä, but the fact that so many of our loved ones traveled the distance to join us on this amazing day left our hearts with love and joy. <3 If the engagement party was this heart-warming, I cannot wait for the wedding! I'll leave the text quite short and just try to convey the feeling with a few photos from the party.

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 Janni said "yes"! She's going to be one of my bridesmaids <3 On the right you have the "ring bearer" with his "blowing a kiss"-face.

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Beautiful flowers by Minnan Ruusupuu. I love the light pink/peach color, but also the white and green. They look so fresh together. Ideas for the wedding...

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I know, the pink sparkling wine is a bit of an over-kill, but it was organic and rosé. ;) I just LOOOOVE marshmallows so we had to get some strawberry-shaped ones to nibble on later on in the evening. You can get these from Kalpis in Jyväskylä.

We prepared most of the food ourselves. My mom had the recipe for the most delicious reindeer soup EVER, which both our mom's prepared, alongside with some vegetable puré for vegetarians. We served some fresh rye bread and oat buns to go with it. Coffee was served with some Brita-cake (marengue base, whipped cream and strawberries), lingonberry cake and I made some white chocolate chip cookies. Burned a few batches, though. :D We had some friends over for the evening so we grilled some chicken and served it with fresh salad prepared from mom's garden goods and some potato salad. Everything was just overtly delicious! I couldn't be more thankful for both of our moms for doing this all for us. It really makes you feel loved. <3

I attached a few photos from our garden that our friend took in the spur of the moment. There is so much laughter behind these pictures with our friends joking around on the side, but I tried attaching the ones where we look at least a bit eligible. :D 

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The dress is from For Love and Lemons and shoes from Jimmy Choo, earrings from Glitter. I loved the dress, because at the same time it was light and a little revealing, but still modest enough for a family party. And I really like the long-sleeves, but so many brides have had them in their wedding dresses so it has started to feel a little too common for me. So having them in my engagement party dress kind of gets the idea out of my system and I won't feel like I need them for my wedding gown anymore.

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Lotta, xx