Survival kit

As some of you might know, we're getting married next summer with Kristian (the previous blog post on our engagement party might have given some sort of a hint ;) ). So I had to decide who I'm going to recruit as my bridesmaids, considering that I'm going to be half of the year away in the U.S. so I'll be needing lots of help, both here in Finland and there in the States. Therefore I wanted to make the proposal a little more special and got my bridesmaids survival packages, or proposal gifts as you might want to call them. The products I included are ones I use and thought that they would make the duties of my bridesmaids a little more bearable... ;)

The kits contained:

IMG 6628

IMG 6638




- Wella SP's miniature hairspray and mousse. My bridesmaids will need these in their purses to do quick fixes while on the run.





- Sebastian's hair conditioner, miniature. Best prep for your hair and easy to take with you wherever you go! Especially for the bridesmaids who will be traveling around with me...

IMG 6635

- Wella Professional's Enrich or Shimmer Delight. The other one is extra hair care, the other one gives some immediate sparkle, but both are perfect for extra radiance! Naomi decided to come and check them out, too :D

- Elo by Salon Klipsi (my hairdresser in Helsinki) has also said that they would be happy to help my bridesmaids to get their tresses in shape before the wedding! :)

IMG 6643

- Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist, the best way to feel fresh while on the move! I even spray this on top of my make-up. It's got long term benefits too!

- Dermalogica Skin hydrating Masque. My go-to masque before a photo shoot. It gives instant radiance, but also is light enough to use multiple times a week. Extra hydration whenever you feel like it. Lots of my bridesmaids travel a lot so it's ok to "forget" this on your face, too, and when you take it off upon arrival, you will feel refreshed and pretty rather than dowdy.

- Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer. Perfect primer to use under make up, but gives the wanted "blurr" if you want to go au naturel. Has also an SPF30. I'll get more of this for the girl for the big day, now they can test it before hand!

IMG 6645

Naomi checking out the goods again :D

IMG 6624

IMG 6622






- Reviderm lipgloss in a nude pink shade. I wear this all the time. Looks great on both blondes and brunettes and many of the girls put it on immediately! And the styling of the package is cool... ;)






- Some chocolates from Kalpis. Of course you need to keep your blood sugar steady when shopping for a wedding dress or having a flower meeting or planning the program!







BTW, they all said YES!!

How did you or would you propose to your bridesmaids?