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Lately, I mean for the past year, I have been reading a lot of material about our bodily functions and what we can do ourselves to help them in the long-term. There’s a lot of talk about the toxic and synthetic chemicals found in our food and in our environment. Throughout the months, little by little, I have made changes both in my diet and in my living conditions, intentionally decreasing the amount of synthetic chemicals that I am in contact with. This should help my liver from tiring out as it tries to detoxify my body.

I don’t stress about the changes (stress being one of the biggest causes for hormonal imbalance) and it’s been a very gradual process and will continue to be one, but I still find it necessary. While food is probably the most obvious one that delivers the good and the bad to the body, there is quite a lot of chemicals absorbing through our skin and Image 4breathing, too.

I have made some pretty big changes in the synthetic chemical-intake in my diet so I will talk about them later, too. But here are some of the products we use in our household to prevent the overload of toxic chemicals from our habitat.


Companies say that their products are completely safe and dermatologically tested, but over time, there is still quite a bit of synthetic materials brewing on your face and the build-up is unavoidable. My solution has been quality mineral make-up. Some (most) of the mineral make-up lines contain only a fraction of real minerals so be sure to find a line where most of the product consists of good ingredients. My absolute favorites are Jane Iredale and Reviderm mineral make-up. They both have very versatile product-ranges and offer clean produce to stick to your face. And the end-results are even better than with traditional make-up! Both of these lines are available in professional salons around Finland. Click here to find your closest Jane Iredale-reseller.

Body lotions and shower gels:

You probably realize that your skin absorbs the creams and gels you apply on it? Exactly. Absorbs. So you might not want to spread the Lilyandweledamost indulgent smelling chemical-cocktails on yourself the next time around. Weleda produces the best shower gels, body lotions and other body-care products that provide natural nutrients for the body. And the products smell awesome, too! They also have massage-oils that release tension in the muscles. Very actively used in our household. These products can be found at least in your closest Ruohonjuuri store, but I think they are sold in plenty of other places, too. As hand-wash, we use LV that can be found in grocery stores.


Our cleaning detergents have been biodegradable for years now, thanks to my mom who gave all her girls huge boxes of different L.O.C.-cleaning products as Christmas presents. But now we’ve also changed into organic dishwasher detergent by Ecover, and instead of basic liquid or powder for the washing machine, we use washing “balls” by Ecozone. They last for months and are extremely easy and kind on the environment, too.


Last, but definitely not THE last, change we’ve made is that we’ve started changing plastic bottles and containers into glass ones. This way the harmful chemicals off plastic don’t diffuse into our food and water and keeps them tasting a lot better, too! Me and Kristian even got his and hers-bottles of Lifefactory glass-bottles that you might see us carrying around when training or out about on the town. Yeah, sure, they’re a bit heavier, but it’s worth the taste and knowing that the water doesn’t get Image 5contaminated. I’ve found my glass containers in Ruohonjuuri.

This is how far we’ve gotten, and as I mentioned, we’re not extreme with this. I/we still use products that aren’t ecological, because there haven’t been good enough substitutes. I also realize that it’s not possible to shield from all the toxic chemicals around you, but at least it’s nice to know that your home is a little safer. Small changes will count in the long term.

Let me know what kind of changes you have made around your household, maybe I can get some hints there! J