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Let me start by apologizing for my absence. Or actually no, I’m not sorry for not wirting for a while, because the fact that this is my first spare moment for a few months is actually a good thing. I’ve been working on projects that are important to me and even though it is a little tiring that I’ve had only one day off during the last 8 weeks (cannot recall the time before that, my brain capacity feels like it’s on constant overload) .

But now it is definitely time to get back to writing and updating my blog. And I’ll start that (this time for real) by telling a little what has been keeping me so busy. I guess this is a bit of therapeutic sensemaking for myself, too (if my thesis supervisor is reading this, he’ll be prud that I used that term here).

Project number 1. University courses. I have been honestly spending my every spare and not so spare waking hour in the car driving back and forth from Helsinki to Jyväskylä, just to attend a lecture or lectures and exams. They tell me I should’ve known that this was an on-campus program (international business and entrepreneurship in Jyvsäkylä School of Business and Economics) when I enrolled there, but the truth is they came up with the 80%-attendance rule only half way through my first year. But there have been so many people already trying to fight that and have failed and I don’t have time to tell my professors how to do their job so I’ll just drive and graduate in a million years. Luckily there are a few courses I can take from the States, too.

Project number 2. Master’s thesis. Working on it. Honestly am. Need to conduct a pilot interview on Janni Hussi. Keywords: Entertainment industry entrepreneurs and sensemaking.

Project number 3. Working my ass off to have some own money when moving to the States. Has been successful. Photo shoots, fashion shows, hostings, and presenting, to name a few. Have been lucky to have a lot of all of them.

Project number 4. Volunteering in Uganda for Caring Hands Organization. Included a lot of preparation before hand in Finland. Right now sitting on a plane to Uganda and writing this. Will continue this cooperation with them further into the future.

Project number 5. Girl like me vol. 2. It was a success and we’re already preparing for next year.

Project number 6. Moving to the States. How much paper work can there be?? And of course I’ve been scouting for some interesting things for me to do when I get there.

Project number 7. The wedding. Sometimes I remember that I’m getting married next June, usually when I’m reminded of one of my bridesmaids.There’s quite a bit of stuff I need to work and agree on before I move. Luckily I have my bridesmaids and Vanajanlinna as a venue. The people in Vanajanlinna have organized so many weddings before that I feel like half of the organizing has been already taken care of by them. Though there are a few pretty big pieces missing…

All this said, I’m happy that I haven’t had the time to miss Kristian. It’s been almost 7 weeks apart now, and only when I have the time to think about it, it’s difficult. Otherwise I’m enjoying everything that’s happening now. And btw, I’ve been booking some jobs here in Finland for January/February. I can’t wait to go and support Kristian, but I will never compromise my own work and commitments for his, becuase frankly, we both have to be free to do what we want. And in the end of the day I’ll support him and he’ll support me.