I never ever thought that my (second to) first post would be about ice hockey. I mean NEVER. But due to the circumstances I feel like I need to write a bit about it. Kristian, my boyfriend of almost four years, has just signed a contract to NHL for next year. And I'm going with him.

First of all I have to say congratulations to my other half. You're pursuing your dreams and you inspire me to do so every day, too. I'm proud of you!

Second of all, I hate the term hockey wife. It's loaded with stereotypical characteristics and not very nice ones. But a hockey wife or not, I'm moving to the States, too. Immediately when I heard that there was an actual possibility that he would be going there next year, I said that I would go with him. I know it would be important for him, for us, but also for me. Actually, this couldn't have been much more convenient. If you didn't know already, for a year I have been networking in Los Angeles and studying acting, so it definitely makes life easier that I don't need to shuffle between two continents all the time. Just two States.

I'm excited about all the opportunities ahead and I love the adventure. I don't have a proper plan (yet at least), but I know everything will sort out even though I know it won't be always easy. Cheers to life!

But first, let's enjoy the Finnish summer! Looking forward to sun, friends, and hopefully lots of work ;)IMG 5130