I never ever thought that my (second to) first post would be about ice hockey. I mean NEVER. But due to the circumstances I feel like I need to write a bit about it. Kristian, my boyfriend of almost four years, has just signed a contract to NHL for next year. And I'm going with him.

First of all I have to say congratulations to my other half. You're pursuing your dreams and you inspire me to do so every day, too. I'm proud of you!

Second of all, I hate the term hockey wife. It's loaded with stereotypical characteristics and not very nice ones. But a hockey wife or not, I'm moving to the States, too. Immediately when I heard that there was an actual possibility that he would be going there next year, I said that I would go with him. I know it would be important for him, for us, but also for me. Actually, this couldn't have been much more convenient. If you didn't know already, for a year I have been networking in Los Angeles and studying acting, so it definitely makes life easier that I don't need to shuffle between two continents all the time. Just two States.

I'm excited about all the opportunities ahead and I love the adventure. I don't have a proper plan (yet at least), but I know everything will sort out even though I know it won't be always easy. Cheers to life!

But first, let's enjoy the Finnish summer! Looking forward to sun, friends, and hopefully lots of work ;)IMG 5130

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lottaLet’s start!

I have been contemplating for a really long time how I’ll do this. Blog, vlog, essay-style or mainly photos, deep stuff or more entertaining, and what the focus will be. I guess I’m trying to answer the questions “How are you? What have you been up to?” with this. So now I just decided that the most important thing is to get this started and the rest will come naturally. There will be videos and there will be photos. And there will probably be quite a few deeper thoughts in between, because I just LOVE to analyze. I still blame my 7th grade grammar and history-teacher. Got my first essay back as a big fat FAIL. A bit of shock for a grade-A-student.  So I kind of had to learn to analyze because otherwise the papers kept coming back. Anyways, this is me and I will be providing you with my thoughts and with my life. Glimpses of it at least. Enjoy and visit me often!

Pitkään mietin miten teen tämän. Kirjoitanko blogia, kuvaanko vlogia, käytänkö paljon kauniita kuvia vai kirjoitanko esseitä, käsittelenkö syvällisiä asioita vai jotain pinnallisempaa, ja mikä koko homman fokus on? Tähän en osaa vieläkään vastata, mutta haen kai vastausta kysymyksille “Mitä kuuluu? Mitä olet puuhaillut?”. Nyt ollaan tultu siihen pisteeseen, että loppuu vatvominen ja on vain aloitettava. Loput saa luvan tulla itsestään. Tiedän, että tulen lisäämään kuvia sekä videoita, mutta myös käsittelemään syvällisempiä ajatuksia. Pakko, seiska-luokan englannin/historian opettaja on aiheuttanut minussa pakkomielteisen analysoimisen tarpeen. Joka tapauksessa, toivottavasti tulette nauttimaan ajatuksistani ja jutuistani ja maailmastani! Tulkaa usein käymään!


Ps. Finnish or English? English comes more naturally in writing, but I’ll do whichever you prefer. Or sometimes maybe not. But I’ll try. And videos will probably be in Finnish…

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