I’m a Finnish girl with a personality molded by many years in Ethiopia, hanging out at an F1-garage, spiced up with addiction to work, fashion and studying business, and topped with winning Miss Finland-title in 2013 and competing in Miss Universe 2013. So it should suffice to say that I’m not always certain to which box to categorize myself into. Therefore I decided that it is a lot easier to invite you to join me on this journey called my life through a blog and a video journal. Just like my life, I will not categorize this blog/vlog, but I believe you will be seeing behind the scenes-material from my work as a model, presenter, host and an aspiring actress, as well as from my travels in Luleå, where the love of my life lives, and Los Angeles, where there is... stuff. I guess we’ll find out what that stuff is later. You’ll also get to see a lot of my two babies, a Chihuahua called Lillian and a Pomeranian called Naomi.
I hope you’ll enjoy it!
Lotta xx